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A product of SONRICH to each and every house of the world with an economically and knowledgably strengthened marketing team.


Contribute to inherit graceful people to the world who are economically strong, who love each other, love nature and who respect law.

The Chairman's Message

MDs Message

Mr. Krishantha Udumullage

As the chairperson of this business my main target is to build a powerful economy within the customers of Sonrich International while giving a titanic knowledge about the network marketing field.

As a company we sell most necessary products which fulfill the minor and major needs of the customers in their day today life activities, with a high standard and with a high responsibility, for a fair price.

As this is the journeyto success we make a titanic exertion in observing, experimenting and making decisions to offer the maximum benefits to our customers with in the network marketing field. And our ultimate target is to create a group of people who are useful to Mother Nature, our nation and to gross national income and as well to make the unemployed people employed without concerning about their status.

I am very glad to say that lot of people have succeeded their path and have strengthened their economy after joining with Sonrich International. And our mission is not merely money but to create a better world where people love each other, love nature and specially who respect law.

And our vision "A Sonrich product to every house" would be exactly successful in near future. And if you want to change your life this is the excellent place and the high time. Join hands with us. Let's create a better world.

Certificate of Registration


Corporate Information


Company Name

Sonrich International (Private) Limited.

Corporate Name


Registraion No.

PV 96108 Act No. 07 of 2007

Head Office

No. 204/A/1, Bandaragama Road, Kesbewa, Sri Lanka.


People's Bank, Sampath Bank


CRS Consultancy (Private) Limited.

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